luni, 21 mai 2012

White Lace Gloves

White lace fingerless gloves, with a Victorian and Renaissance inspired look :D
suits bridal wear, period costume and other frilly clothing in general- 50 lei
Details on each piece include three satin roses, two white, one ivory

And a totally unprofessional pic (sorry for that!) to show how they actually look on
If you are interested in something similar contact me via e-mail or messenger.

sâmbătă, 19 mai 2012

-Lust- Choker

Choker goth din vinyl, cu pandant pentagrama, si o banda subtire de catifea rosie intercalata.
Inchiderea se face la spate, cu clestisor si lant, deci este ajustabil. 35 de lei

miercuri, 16 mai 2012

Victorian Circus choker

Choker din dantela neagra, suprapusa peste material in dungi verticale alb-negru, cu camee si drop din coral natural alb.

I really love vertical black and white stripes, and when I add some black lace to it my eyes are delighted!
Chokerul este ajustabil- *SOLD*

Twilight of the Gods- taxidermy rosary

I didn't want to limit my taxidermy experience with a mere claw on a chain so I made this little thing, complete with big black gothic cross, amethyst and grey agate.
The colour of the stones really evoke the colours of dusk and combined with the crow claw, give a dramatic effect to this piece

Blue Butterfly ring

Inel fantasy ajustabil, cu cabochon si fluturas albastru *sold*

sâmbătă, 5 mai 2012

My Clockwork Heart -pendant

Steampunk pendant shaped as a clock with gear wheels, small black key on ivory and black ribbon.
Pandantul este unicat, nu voi mai face altul in acest gen - 60 de lei

Victorian/ Steampunk handbag

My very first bag!
It took quite a while to make, since I do not currently have a sewing machine I worked six hours or so on it save for the front , which took an hour or so

Traistuta e din material textil in dungi verticale alb cu negru si are mai multe modele de dantela neagra aplicata, iar in fata are rotite de ceas, perlute si un cabochon montat in rama alba
Of course, I carry it thanks to a chain I put :D
yeeey, now I have a bag that matches my stripy corset
And I can carry my books, cigarettes and other stuff I usually carry in style :D

Diabolical Masquerade

One of my favourite musical projects. And a cool source of inspiration.
Aceasta mascuta este pictata cu acrilice si are margele, lanturi si dantela aplicata.
I just love making goth home deco, and then putting it around the house :D
The other one needed a sister :D
Not for sale but I am open to comissions, any questions you may have, direct them to me :D

Taxidermy Necklace

Today I'm going to show you a necklace I did a while ago, but hadn't the chance to upload it, because I was dissatisfied with the pictures I had of it. Now that I have these fairly decent ones, I'm proud to present you my very own crow's claw necklace.
Yes, it is a real crow's claw (I am asked that a lot when I wear it).
Don't worry, though, no creature was hurt to make these, their owner was already dead when I got them.
Afterwards the process was fairly simple: I set them to mummify for 30 day using the ancient egyptian technique, then I thoroughly cleaned & sanitized them before applying a coat of varnish.