vineri, 14 decembrie 2012


Info: Luni, 17 decembrie este ultima zi in care trimit colete anul acesta, iar coletele vor ajunge inainte de sarbatori :)
Celalalte comenzi plasate dupa 17 vor fi trimise in 2013, asa ca daca mai doriti ceva anul asta, va rog sa ma anuntati pana duminica seara. 

Choker gothic din dantela neagra, cu trei lacrimi negre de sticla, pandant cu cabochon negru mat si piatra neagra, mata, aplicata 
....and raven claw earrings, made to order. For more taxidermy stuff, custom made, contact me :)

vineri, 7 decembrie 2012

Vampire Bat bracelet

Gothic/ Dark Fantasy bracelet with faceted blood red beads and glass cabochon with a vintage image of a bat.

Bratara este ajustabila

vineri, 23 noiembrie 2012

Taxidermy Earrings

Taxidermy earrings made with special love and attention from real crow's feet
A perfect match for my taxidermy crow necklace and my taxidermy rosary.
More pics to come soon.

(please note that no crow was harmed to make these, I collect them from specimens which have died of natural causes)

luni, 19 noiembrie 2012

Ah, let us mourn!- for never morrow/ Shall dawn upon him desolate!

                                                          (just another day in the shop )
                              pic: (C)Cristiana Apostol

I'm not on vacation, but rather on an extended coffee break ^^ To compensate for my long absence, next month is coming with a lot of new little horrors and dark designs. For more frequent updates, be sure to check the shop's facebook page.

vineri, 19 octombrie 2012

Opiate Dreams Victorian Gloves

 Fingerless lace gloves, in black and a lovely shade of purple
Detail : black rose and big ribbon bow
                                                           Can make to order- 50 lei

miercuri, 17 octombrie 2012

Steampunk bracelet

 Steampunk bracelet made from salvaged parts of an old watch as well as other elements: chains, wings, spikes and rhinestones

marți, 16 octombrie 2012

Gothic Lolita Choker

Gothic Lolita choker in various shades of purple
Choker is made of purple ribbon with overlaid black lace, purple ribbon, cameo detail with resin rose and  faceted glass drop

Chokerul este ajustabil- 35 de lei


Baroque inspired hairpiece

Black and white baroque-inspired hairpiece.
White ribbon, black lace, detail of cherub and violin, and three little faux pearls to complete the look.
Made this for myself, but can make to order ^^
Can also be worn as a brooch or made part of a choker

vineri, 12 octombrie 2012

I like it...ruff! ^^

I've just managed to snap a decent pic of my latest pride and joy. Inspired by Elizabethan collars or ruffs, I put together this little piece, sewn entirely by hand (how else?).
Some better pics as well as pics with it worn should follow soon ^^

joi, 11 octombrie 2012

Mourning Necklace

Colier cu pandant camee, trandafir negru aplicat si trei dropuri negre din sticla.
Colierul este ajustabil

miercuri, 10 octombrie 2012

Victorian earrings

Cercei cu camee violet -15 lei

Lady of the Flowers necklace

Colier cu pandant, montat pe lant cu aspect de bronz antichizat.
Pandantul este pictat manual, si are cabochon (lucrat tot manual, evident :)) ) cu o imagine cu Anna Varney, si un trandafir negru aplicat.
Colierul este ajustabil - 25 lei

marți, 9 octombrie 2012


Necklace and ring, made to order
Can make something with any image you desire
For details contact me :)

luni, 1 octombrie 2012


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Succes ;)

miercuri, 19 septembrie 2012

Black Lace orgy

I've had a lot of fun these days with meters and meters of black lace, and here are the results
Romantic and Dark arm wear, from big Gothic fingerless gloves, to lace arm warmers and lace cuffs. It took me several hours, liters of coffee and some episodes of Agatha Christie's Poirot and I almost sewed my fingers together, but it was worth it! <3 I <3 the results
Gothic Cuffs, made to order.

Lace arm warmers with big satin bow and a blue rose- I made this for myself.
Simple lace arm warmers, made to order
As a bonus, I also made some earrings.
Prima pereche e cu aripioare- 15 lei
A doua pereche , cu fleur-de-lis - 10 lei

And lastly, some victorian vampire earrings, made also to order.
Daca doriti ceva asemanator, imi puteti scrie :D

marți, 18 septembrie 2012

Some work is done

I haven't got back my camera yet :( But I managed to snap this rather decent pic with my old one, which was nice enough not to crash on me today.
A lot of lace going on and some earrings.
I've one more pair of cuffs to sew and today's work is done, hurray! ^^
More pics will be coming soon.

vineri, 7 septembrie 2012

All the Children Sing For Love

Cercei cu cabochon lucrat manual, si dropuri violet din sticla fatetata
30 de lei SOLD

Victorian Gothic Choker

This piece is a mix of Victorian, Renaissance and Gothic inspiration, but I'm guessing it has turned out well. I, for one, love it!
Chokerul este ajustabil - 60 lei
Fac numai la comanda, dureaza 2-3 saptamani

Black Fairy

Colier asimetric, cu pandant zana, trandafiras negru, craniu argintiu, si multe margelute negre
Colierul este ajustabil *SOLD*

Edward Scissorhands ring

Inel ajustabil, cu aspect de bronz antichizat si cu rama neagra; cabochon realizat manual cu Edward Scissorhands <3

Gloom Rose

Colier lung, cu pandant camee trandafir violet, pe fond negru, si detalii margelute mov si negre
Colierul poate fi lungit sau scurtat la cerere, no extra charge
40 de lei, se poate face la comanda.

Zkeleton Key necklace

Colier lung, cu pandant cheita mare (approx 9 cm), margele negre, detalii doua cheite argintii si patru cranii negre din howlit.
It's the last necklace of this kind, I will make no more similar ones
Este ajustabil - 55 lei *sold*

Dead Child smilig -necklace-

Colier cu pandant stil rama foto, pe lant. Este ajustabil
Cabochonul este realizat manual SOLD

Black Cat ring V2

Inel ajustabil, cu aspect de bronz antichizat si cabochon cu dungi albe si negre, si o pisica neagra <3 - 20 de lei *sold*

Fields of Lavender

Set format din choker si cercei
Chokerul este din panglica mov, cu pandant argintiu si cabochon sticla, si un mic trandafiras de rasina.
Choker- 30 lei
Cercei *SOLD*

Halloween earrings ^^

Not too much time left until halloween, so I've made these creepycute pumpkin earrings