duminică, 11 ianuarie 2015

Heart set

 Cui nu-i plac seturile cu inimioare?
Set colier si inel cu inima anatomica, in cadru argintiu si negru.

Vanitas rosary

  Black skulls, a ribcage and two bones make for a piece that reminds us that beauty, as  everything, is only temporary - 70 lei

Moon Choker and Necklace

 I wanted to celebrate the adoration and fascination of the Moon with a double treat : velvet choker and bronze necklace , with its beautiful image
  Both are adjustable and are 40 lei each
Colierul este disponibil
Voi reface aceste modele in februarie, pentru precomenzi hit me up ;)
 They are officialy my favourite pieces in this entire collection

Haunted by Horror Choker

 An opulent gothic choker reminding one of vampires and other bloody tales, with centre piece red rose cameo held by two charred dead hands . Complete with two droplets of blood.

Memorial choker

 Choker din dantela neagra cu pandantiv din bronz .
Ajustabil -35 lei
 Detail : picture depicts a child's skeleton

Edward Scissorhands set

 Edward Scissorhands must be one of my favourite movies and inspirations ever.
I have made a new set containing earrings, necklace and ring
 I can sell them as a set as well as separately
 Colier - 35 lei
Cercei - 20 lei  *SOLD*
Inel - 15 lei

Set : 50 lei (fara cercei, acestia vor fi disponibili din nou in februarie)
 Detail of necklace

Velvet gothic choker

 Choker din panglica de catifea, cu camee
Chokerul este ajustabil - sold

Amethyst Choker

 Choker din dantela neagra cu panglica violet si pandant cu cabochon din ametist
chokerul este ajustabil - 40 lei


 Bronze filigree hair clips with black roses
Above : 25 lei
Below : 15 lei / piece
I only have one more piece left

A beautiful tragedy gothic choker

 Black lace gothic choker with red rose cameo in bronze setting and a dangling red howlite bead
 Chokerul este ajustabil - 40 de lei


 Various rings : pictured above :
Cameo ring : 10 lei
Corpse Bride ring : 25 lei
Black Gothic ring : 20 lei SOLD
 Goddess ring : 10 lei
Goddess ring depicts Anna Varney, which I very much admire. If you want to purchase her music and other merchandise please go here

The Goddess necklace / choker

 Intricate necklace or choker (can be worn as both, size is adjustable) inspired by elizabethan jewelry
 Centre piece of the choker depicts the Goddess Anna Varney holding flowers
(30 x 40 mm)
80 lei

I have chosen Anna Varney for this piece as I immensely admire her, if you would like to purchase official Sopor Aeternus merchandise please go here

Gatekeeper necklace

 Colier din bronz cu o multitudine de cheite de diverse dimensiuni. Lungimea colierului este ajustabila - SOLD

Frankenstein and his bride earrings

 I'm a great fan of classic Universal horror movies. So I made these earrings initially for me but I have also made a pair for the shop - 30 lei

Fathoms Deep choker

 Choker gotic din dantela neagra lata, cu aplicatii de bronz- filigran si caracatita
 Chokerul este ajustabil - 40 de lei

Memento Mori rosary

Vanitas necklace /  rosary with white howlite skulls, black beads and bronz chain.
Image is a fragment of Alexander Mair's Memento Mori
Dimensiunea cabochonului este de 30 x 40 mm
pot trimite mai multe poze la cerere

Gothic chains and black lace choker

 Cascading gun metal chains with black beads hang from a beautiful and delicate black lace.
Ajustabil SOLD