luni, 25 august 2014

Roses for the dead - set

 Opulent earrings and necklace set, with red rose cameo 
 Earrings have red howlite tear drop details, necklace has red howlite skull and black obsidian tear drop details 
Necklace length is adjustable 


Vanitas - memento mori rosary necklace

 Rosary styled  memento mori necklace with big pendant with a fragment of Alexander Mair's Memento Mori, black glass beads, two bird vertebrae and a fleur de lis
 Pendant sixe : approximately 3 x 4 cm
Necklace is long, but adjustable SOLD

Blackest Night Gothic Choker

 Black ruffled lace choker with black stone as a centre piece, black rose and black tear drop detail
Choker sits nicely on every neck as it is adjustable - sold
Fits well a victorian mourning outfit.

Memento Mori Gothic Choker II

 Alexander Mair's artwork inspired me a lot lately, so I've made two pieces with a fragment of his work - in the glass cabochon
Memento mori choker - black ribbon on black lace, with black rose and purple glass tear drop detail

Memento Mori Taxidermy ring

 Bronze filigree ring with black rose and two bird vertebrae (most likely pigeon)
 Ring is adjustable and not for faint hearted -sold

Taxidermy Bird's Skull necklace

 With a minimalist yet shockingly sinister design, this piece is not for the weak hearted.
It consists of a real bird skull (most likely pigeon) dyed glistening black on gunmetal chain
 Chain size is adjustable - 150 lei.
Please note that being a real skull it must be handled with care

Victorian Steampunk Choker

 Ruffled black lace choker with steampunk centre piece and dangling gear wheal and cameo in bronze setting
Elements used to create centre piece are authentic clock components, as well as an authentic pen top and a small little key - choker is adjustable - 45 lei

Silent Moon earrings

 Bronze crescent moon earrings, two sided, with black tear drop

Memento Mori Taxidermy necklace

 Simple, sinistre and creepily elegant - silver pendant with black enamel, adorned with a fragile little bone and black rose, as well as authentic vertebrae bead and black glass tear drop
On adjustable silver chain -  sold

Bones used : for centrepiece : crow jawbone
for bead : pigeon or similar bird (bones were found without any feathers or fleshy parts to identify the animal)

As with all bone jewelry, they were thoroghly cleaned, bleached and a thin layer of varnish applyed.
I have kept stains as they were on them - if any - to preserve a more natural look of carrion bones.
Please note that I have used silver to describe the colour of the pendant and chain, not the actual metal out of which they are made.

Morticia Addams necklace

 Black chain necklace with red detail depicting the sinistre and beautiful Morticia Addams (As portrayed by Anjelica Huston in the early 90's movies)
 Necklace size is adjustable - 30 lei 

Crow's foot earring - taxidermy

 One taxidermied crow's foot mounted in a miniature black tower
I have only one available at the moment, so I cannot make a pair right away

Opulent Blood Countess Gothic Choker

 Cascading black glass beads from an intricate lace, with burgundy ribbon detail
 Choker is adjustable

Steampunk / victorian fantasy necklace

 Very long bronze necklace with black and white cracke beads, black rose details and three dangling keys - what they open is yours to discover

Taxidermy brooch

 Ornate gothic frame in glistening black cradling a taxidermied sparrow's foot
can be worn as a brooch or can be added to a lace choker 
one of a kind - sold

Memento mori necklace

 Bronze chain and various beads with round pendant depicting a ribcage with a red, fading heart within

duminică, 24 august 2014

A beautiful suicide - pendant and earrings set

 Set consisting of life sized razors (not sharp) adorned with black roses 
 The price is 30 lei for the earrings and pendant (ribbon included - adjustable)
Can also be sold separately
20 lei - earrings
sold - pendant

Memento mori choker I

 Simple yet gloomy gothic choker ; an image of a desolate skull hangs from black lace, with obsidian tear drop. Adjustable - SOLD
(more pictures on demand)

luni, 18 august 2014


Still have a few more items to finish but I thought I'd post two preview pics of the little horrors I've been cooking. Enjoy!