miercuri, 22 august 2012

Roses, cameos, lace and other lovely things

First necklace is with a big rose cameo pendant which I absolutely adore, as well as the black and white crackle beads. This necklace I selfishly made for myself, but can make to order (45 lei), allow 2-4 weeks.

And below is a lovely bunch of chokers and my absolute fav bracelet, I must remember to make one for myself as well ^^

vineri, 17 august 2012

Further South- choker/necklace

necklace inspired by Ahab's latest album "The Giant"
Deep- sea themed, with octopusses and deep blue pendant, as well as marine green beads.
45 lei; se face numai la comanda

Black Cat ring

Gothilicious ring, with black and white stripes and a black, green-eyed cat
Inelul este ajustabil -25 lei *SOLD*

Victorian Seamstress necklace

Colier din lant argintiu cu margele din granat, ametist si cuartz cherry
Pandant forfecuta stilizata.
Colierul poate fi purtat la baza gatului, sau mai jos, deoarece este ajustabil.
Se poate face si extra-lung, la cerere.

duminică, 5 august 2012

Sibiu 2012

Si anul acesta voi fi in Sibiu pe durata festivalului ARTmania (10-11 August). Daca vreti sa livrez ceva personal pana acolo sau you simply want to say hi, I'll be there not too far from the beer stands. Pentru comenzi, lasati un mail la carpathic_queen@yahoo.com