luni, 31 august 2015

Zenith de Sade 2

If you like the stuff I make and would like to know more about the techniques used, the inspiration behind them as well as other musings of mine, you can also head on down to :

Zenith's Little Horrors

This is intended to be a side blog, with a more personal touch.

Hope you enjoy.

duminică, 9 august 2015

Moon phases Necklace

 Lovely Moon Phases necklace with 5 pendants showing the moon from waning to waxing

Steampunk necklace

 Colier steampunk ajustabil cu componente de ceas - sold

Coffin Pendant

 Coffin pendant + black ribbon - sold

Entomology Necklace

 To all bug lovers out there - here's a necklace for you - ajustabil - sold

Secrecy Choker

                                            Choker din panglica neagra cu doua cheite -sold


 Choker / colier ajustabil, cu cristale mari de sticla, cranii si perlute ivorii

An Overdose of Death necklace

                                        Colier fantasy, inspirat de un roman de Agatha Christie

Death in Venice Choker

    Choker din dantela verde, cu panglica neagra suprapusa,
pene de paun si doua pandante, unul infatisand o parte din ilustratia Memento Mori de Alexander Mair.
Chokerul este ajustabil SOLD

Gothic Choker

                                                       Choker gotic, simplu si ajustabil
                              Pandant argintiu cu piatra neagra pe panglica neagra-  SOLD


   Corpse bride & cameo ring - 10 lei /each (sale)
  Black ring - sold
Black & silver ring - sold
each of the rings is adjustable

Taxidermy necklace

  Taxidermied sparrow foot necklace with faceted black crystal and miscellanious bones- 70 lei
I've also made a lovely  vertebrae bracelet inspired by the capuchin crypts
If you are interested in something similar drop me a line
A model like this would be 100 lei

Masque of the Red Death

   Gothic / fantasy choker with a macabre theme
   Inspired by E. A. Poe's Masque of the red death

White Magic Choker

   Adjustable choker with Cuartz stone and pentacle

Made to order

                                Mars pendant and black lace fan custom made
For custom orders do not hesitate to contact me, but please note that delivery time varies from 2 to 6 weeks