1. How fast will I get my order?

If the item you ordered is in stock, I will post it  the next day via post or courier (see contact & comanda for more details ) and it should get to you in a maximum of two working days. If the item is not labeled as available, inquire first if the model can be remade.

Please note that a taxidermy item, if not in stock, will take a minimum of three weeks to be completed.
Also, please have in mind that for custom authentic skull jewelry I will need to get 1/3 of the sum in advance as you place the order, allowing me to be sure that you won't change your mind during the entire processing phase. I don't mind being left mopy next to a boiling rotting carcass, but looking for specimens takes a lot of time (and gas money), so I want to make good use of those.

2. Why won't you remake certain items?

Since every piece I make is carefully hand made and unique, with components gathered from a lot of various places, it's sometimes hard to replicate an exact same piece. Most of my work is not just mixing pre-ordered supplies to make something pretty and sell them, I make my accessories with a great love of  creating , and I put a lot of my effort and time into them. They are not mass produced goods. This adds to the beauty and uniqueness of an item, giving it individuality.

3. Where can I find a pendant / cameo/ etc like that you used for that piece?

Since I have a lot of various suppliers, it's pretty hard for me to track or remember so I may not always be able to answer this question. And have in mind, it's not a polite question for someone who wishes to promote his/her work and not various websites or shops.

4. Where do you get the raven and crow claws , skulls and bones used for necklaces/earrings?

From actual crows and ravens. I collect only from specimens which have died of natural causes , as it would be against my beliefs otherwise.

5. Aren't your taxidermy items a bit expensive?

Judging the amount of hard work I put into them and the difficulty it is to collect and preserve items, I would say not. They are actually cheap compared to international prices of taxidermy items.

6. Will  I find your shop at handmade fairs , sales and festivals?

Not quite, they are not really my cup of tea and I really prefer my comfy and dark place underground. As I have stated before, I make the accessories for the joy of making them and to hopefully create something dark and beautiful, not necessarily to earn high profits . The fact that people like my creations so much that they buy them and wear them is the most flattering and joyful thing to me
However, I might consider joining if it's a small venue based on a gothic/ macabre/curiosity shop theme.
Otherwise, I will have to politely refuse your invitation.

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