vineri, 20 decembrie 2013

Fragile memories

  *shop closed as of today until the 6th of January*

Hello, everyone! First of all I would like to thank all of you who have so kindly supported me and my little shop of horrors for yet another year! I know I have not posted as much or as promptly as I had wished to, but  the following year I have high hopes that there will be more posts, more creations and more horrible little things for your delight, as well as giveaways.

To end the year, I will present some of the things I have been up to lately. 
Above you can see a detail of some small home deco I have made for myself : dried flowers, crystals, bones, feathers and so on put in small glass bottles. I must mention I have a vast collection of dried, dead flowers (among other dead things) , and I thought it was time to shine a little light upon them by rearranging tiny fragments of  them .
 Pictured above are three of my favourite items : a Poe pendant and a brooch made by yours truly, and my favourite pendant in the whole wide world (which was a gift from a dear friend). I added a bit of my personal touch to it, as I added the stone in the centre .
 My entire collection of fragile glass memories

Another thing I've been doing lately, on a personal note, is bleaching the shit out of my hair, and redying said hair to achieve lovely shades of red. I don't recommend this unless you have a full head of thick hair, otherwise too much bleach will make it brittle. 
You can see the "anxiously waiting for the winter hollidays" expression on my face :p

 Two taxidermied crows' legs (I haven't decided if I should make something out of them yet) and a dead red rose pictured above. Another new year's resolution for me is more taxidermy!
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See you soon!

Hope you enjoyed the longest blog post I have ever written, as a bonus I leave you with a lovely pic from a satisfied customer.
rock that taxidermy, baby!

duminică, 8 decembrie 2013

Conjoined Twins Gothic Victorian Choker

 Black lace choker with silver pendant with the image of conjoined twins, a black rose and a black faceted crystal.
Choker size is adjustable

Victorian Gothic Key brooch

Brosa din rasina, pictata manual, cu o cheita argintie in centru

Skeleton hand hairclips

 Cute and horrible skeleton hair clips
15 lei/ per item

Leather and lace neck choker/corset

This little baby is entirely hand sewn (and genuine leather this thick can be a real bitch to sew!). with a lining of hard black lace, added silver chains , spikes and other adornments, as well as a long black chain in the corset-like part in the front, ending in two faceted red crystals.
I have put a lot of hard work in this little piece, so if you are interested in purchasing it, make sure you will take good care of it and wear it with the most outrageous outfits or with nothing at all.
200 lei

Steampunk Octopuss necklace

 A bronze steampunk octopuss necklace, with real watch components.
The octopuss will hang from your neck on a string of black beadwork, and it also has three black faceted glass droplets.
Necklace size is adjustable *SOLD*

Tales of the Grotesue and of the Arabesque Choker

 Black lace choker with and intertwined arabesque adorned ribbon, purple glass beads and a skeleton hand adorned with a purple rose and purple crystals. Straight out of an opium eater's nightmare!

Phobia necklace

 Forget cute butterflies, dragonflies and lady bug inspired accessories you can find everywhere!
My little insect piece likes to evoke terror, like the one I experience when seeing a bug.
And nothing helps you facing your phobia like wearing it.
Stag beetle necklace adorned with black roses.
50 de lei.

Sinister graveyard cross earrings

 A pair of big black cross earrings to add gloom to your look
20 de lei

Steampunk mask necklace

 Necklace made entirely out of real clock and watch components, set on a big black mask.

Curiosity necklace

 Curiosity necklace combining various elements such as butterfly wings, bronze filigree, a pair of scissors and red droplets to create a stunning  "curiosity shop" effect

Taxidermy Earring

Taxidermy earring made form real crow's foot.

In Mourning Gothic Choker

Black lace over black ribbon gothic choker, with black stone, three black faceted crystals and a black rose

sâmbătă, 7 decembrie 2013

Join the fun

  Last night I had a lot of fun in the newly opened Vampire's Coffin Club, and I've also set up a little stand with some of my new horrors.
You can come check them out while still available and have drinks in the lovely atmosphere.
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sâmbătă, 16 noiembrie 2013

Horrible little things

1.Taxidermy earring with real crow foot : for sale *SOLD*

2.Black butterfly hair piece with real human tooth, donated by a willing victim, hehehe. I decided to keep the blood as it makes it even more horrible, and varnished over it :D

3.Coffin pendant in the process of being made and attached to something gloomy

sâmbătă, 26 octombrie 2013

To Order

A steampunkish eye patch made to order. The quality of the photo has been seriously fucked up by blogger :(

duminică, 13 octombrie 2013


 I thought I'd post this box of goodies I have been working on this weekend. Pics of each one of them and more will come soon :D

miercuri, 8 mai 2013

to the end of time and beyond - Steampunk necklace

 Colier steampunk facut din piese de ceas mecanic, montat pe lant negru, lungime ajustabila
Colierul este unicat, odata vandut nu il voi putea repeta 

luni, 15 aprilie 2013

My idea of fun is....

sewing lace to leather and adding chains. More to come as I keep working on this

Steampunk necklace

 One of a kind necklace (you won't find this anywhere else, ladies) , made with real mechanical components, which are still functional (the wheels can spin, mounted on chain to enhance the mechanical feel and also on burgundy ribbon to enhance the elegance and lustre of the two rubies
 Chokerul este ajustabil , si unicat : cel din dreapta, pe panglica si snur negru este al meu ^_^

Sumptuous Victorian Choker

 Elegant and opulent victorian choker, in layers of black and red lace, with cameo detail in front and a red rose
 Matching red rose earrings which come with the choker

Purple rose hairpiece