vineri, 18 martie 2016

Eye of Horus choker

Adjustable - SOLD

Mourning rosaries

             A pair of complementary rosaries inspired by victorian mourning jewelry
One of each is 40 lei
White one features white stone skulls, faux pearls, cameo and two bird vertebrae
Black one is complete with faceted glass beads, cameo, black stone skulls and a jaw bone
They can be worn both around the neck for a more modern look, or you can even wear them around the waist, for a nice and medieval vibe.
I can provide more pics on demand

Nevermore body jewelry


Steam princess Choker

Black lace choker with brass gearwheels and a crown pendant - sold

marți, 1 martie 2016

Nevermore Gothic Choker

 Choker gotic/victorian din dantela si banda satinata neagra
Disponibil - 35 lei
                                                                  Chokerul este ajustabil
                                                     Ca detaliu are un cabochon din sticla neagra in montura argintie si margele fatetate din sticla neagra

Memento Mori Steampunk necklace

A beautiful and unique mechanical vanitas necklace, complete with skulls, moths, antique watch components and red crystals

miercuri, 24 februarie 2016

Moon Crescent Choker and earrings

  Faux leather choker with crescent moon pendant and matching earrings
                                                         With black glass bead detail
                                                                     One set available
Choker - 30 de lei *rezervat*
Cercei - 20 de lei
Set - 40 de lei
                     Choker is adjustable