luni, 15 aprilie 2013

My idea of fun is....

sewing lace to leather and adding chains. More to come as I keep working on this

Steampunk necklace

 One of a kind necklace (you won't find this anywhere else, ladies) , made with real mechanical components, which are still functional (the wheels can spin, mounted on chain to enhance the mechanical feel and also on burgundy ribbon to enhance the elegance and lustre of the two rubies
 Chokerul este ajustabil , si unicat : cel din dreapta, pe panglica si snur negru este al meu ^_^

Sumptuous Victorian Choker

 Elegant and opulent victorian choker, in layers of black and red lace, with cameo detail in front and a red rose
 Matching red rose earrings which come with the choker

Purple rose hairpiece

Gothic Locket

 Choker ajustabil, din dantela neagra, cu pandant locket *SOLD*

Bloody claws taxidermy earrings

 Taxidermy earrings made with lots of love from a real crow's feet, which have been collected this late winter
 They have been thoroughly cleansed and sanitized before being painted, varnished and mounted on black metallic towers, and adorned with a red glass faceted tear
 Please note that this pair is one of a kind and cannot be replicated exactly ; this certain pair is for sale
la cerere, pot schimba tipul tortitelor

Enchanted Forest necklace

 Colier fantasy, cu pandant din sticla cu chipsuri de aventurin, margelute verzi, dantela, lant, cheite si strasuri verde -peridot.

Blood countess choker

 Choker din dantela neagra, cu cabochon sangeriu de sticla si trei lacrimi de sticla fatetate
 Chokerul este ajustabil

Taxidermy memorial necklace

 Memorial necklace of conjoined twins, with black rose, black faceted glass tear and two real crow vertebrae, hanging from a black suede thread *SOLD*
On request, it can be mounted on lace/chain/ribbon or beads

Steampunk choker

 Choker din piele si dantela, cu aplicatii metalice
 Choker is one of a kind and is adjustable ^_^ - 60 lei

Celtic Choker

 Black ribbon and bronze details -*rezervat*

Deadly Vanity - taxidermy headpiece

 Black lace fascinator, with real crow skull and real feathers : peacock and raven [and also two lovely blue and black striped feathers which I have collected from a bird from the corvidae family, but can't remember its name]
Also, a dead red rose, and green and blue crystals

Lady of The Flowers necklaces

 Model 1 - cu baza neagra si cu lant negru, ajustabil*SOLD*
 Model 2 - cu baza argintie, margele negre fatetate, trandafir din rasina si trei lacrimi negre -
ajustabil *SOLD*

Memorial Necklace

Poe necklace with black rose and black tears, hanging from suede threads

Steampunk eyepatch

 Leather & vinyl eyepatch with black chains and gearwheels, made to order ^_^

marți, 9 aprilie 2013


I already have a lot of new stuff ready and a lot of new stuff in the making, and I managed to snap a few pics today, hope you enjoy :D

Leather & metal

coliere din piele cu aplicatii de metal facute la comanda. Hope u like them as much as I liked making them ^_^