luni, 25 august 2014

Memento Mori Taxidermy necklace

 Simple, sinistre and creepily elegant - silver pendant with black enamel, adorned with a fragile little bone and black rose, as well as authentic vertebrae bead and black glass tear drop
On adjustable silver chain -  sold

Bones used : for centrepiece : crow jawbone
for bead : pigeon or similar bird (bones were found without any feathers or fleshy parts to identify the animal)

As with all bone jewelry, they were thoroghly cleaned, bleached and a thin layer of varnish applyed.
I have kept stains as they were on them - if any - to preserve a more natural look of carrion bones.
Please note that I have used silver to describe the colour of the pendant and chain, not the actual metal out of which they are made.

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