joi, 29 martie 2012


Dupa cum am anuntat si pe pagina de Facebook, vor urma multe noutati.
Acesta este un preview al setului "Steampunk Ballet" (Colier, bratara, cercei si inel)
Mai multe poze vor urma curand.

miercuri, 14 martie 2012

Carnival necklace

Fabulous necklace, made with peacock feathers and three danlging swarovski crystals
It also has wonderful lace and beaded details. I have made this for myself, but could make to order if anyone is interested (contact me for pricing)
Pentru acest model e necesara plata unui avans.
detail- the crystal's colour is vitrail medium and I am in love with it!
I've never worked with swarovski before but I'm starting to like them :)
Look at the cool light effect in the pic below :D

sâmbătă, 10 martie 2012

Made to order

You guys drive me batty!

Harlequin choker and earrings

Harlequin choker and earrings set, with black and white elements *sold*
A little baroque, a little more elegant :D
Chokerul este ajustabil
Se pot cumpara si separat:
Choker- 35 lei
Cercei- 10 lei

on Darkest Wings

cercei cu aripi argintii, lant si margelute din piatra soarelui albastra (blue goldstone)
Pretul unei perechi este de 20 de lei

Steampunkish ring


Dark Royalty Choker

Choker din dantela si panglica, cu perlute negre din sticla.
Chokerul are ca element central o coronita neagra, cu piatra multifatetata, tot neagra (what a surprise!)


Opulent Blue Goldstone Choker

Before reading any further, I don't want to you to have your hopes up, this particular item is not for sale (as it is mine) but similar can be made to order.
Chokerul e facut in intregime din margele din blue goldstone (piatra soarelui albastra, which, by the way, e o piatra de sinteza, adica e manmade :) )
Si nu puteam sa-mi fac un colier fara sa adaug si o bratara asortata, nu?

Lovely, sparkly blue goldstone!
I like it so much because it reminds me of starry nightskies

marți, 6 martie 2012

Red Queen Choker

Pure drama!

Choker unicat, din panglica rosie si dantela neagra, margele si multe detalii in centru.
Chokerul este ajustabil - 40 de lei. *sold*

joi, 1 martie 2012


Made them for myself. MWhahahahhaaha >:)
Faceted beaded necklace with black cabochon pendant. Half gothic, half granny-style. I love it! <3

Autumn mist earrings, in shades of grey and bronze. The top beads have a wonderful amber hue in the light, and the bottom ones are labradorite.