joi, 4 decembrie 2014


It was high time for a new giveaway, isn't it so?

The rules are simple : like , share (in a public post) and comment under the picture posted on the shop's facebook page

Giveaway is open since today until the 5th of January; a winner will be randomly chosen.
Winner can choose from the following :

- set of two steampunk chokers (pictured)
- a custom made  real raven skull pendant
- a set of curiosity necklace, headpiece and brooch (pictured)
- a gothic victorian necklace and earrings set (pictured)
- a custom made jewelry box
- a memento mory choker and necklace set

(Please note that for the custom pieces we will discuss delivery time depending on the options you choose to include)

IMPORTANT! Since I have received many suggestions last time, the giveaway is open to non-facebook users as well, , if you share this picture along with this description and my blog link via your personal :

+ blog
+ website
+ instagram
+ tumblr (you can also reblog the tumblr post of this giveaway)

For those of you who choose to enter the giveaway as such, please send me an e-mail with the link of your post to :

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